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Bootstrap Student is looking for high-quality articles about bootstrapping to share with our student network. Contributed articles will appear under the "bootstrapping 101" tab above and be highly visible to students learning the bootstrapping way.

To have a large impact, our goal is to reach out to students and teach them viable entrepreneurial methods at an early stage in their career.

Please send original articles and tutorials to The articles will be posted within 24 hours.

Potential Article topics:

  • Business planning: What's critical and what's superfluous?
  • Sources of financial backing: Include benefits, example agreements, and caveats.
  • Bootstrap timeline details: Discuss Ideation, Valley of Death, and Growth stages. Looking for an original article tailored towards students.
  • Checklist for launching a business. Discuss different priorities for the different stages of the bootstrap timeline. Where do you need to register? What can you postpone?
  • Idea Generation: Where do you get your ideas? Entrepreneur's have hundreds of ideas. What sparks them and how do you refine them?
  • Bootstrapping on campus. How do you start a business and go to school full time?
  • Your story: Discuss how you got started, what you learned along the way, what mistakes you made, where you got lucky...and any other ideas that are of value to how you approach your business. Your success is our inspiration!
  • Yahoo Group: The student group will be different than the bootstrap network group. Let's share this rich resource with students by summarizing and highlighting some particularly enlightening dialogues.


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