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Who we are

The Bootstrap Network was started in 2003 as a response to a lack of support and infrastructure for entrepreneurs to build a business from the ground up without first involving venture capitalists.  When a bootstrapper has built a solid business and is ready to pursue outside capital, they will have more control, autonomy, and ownership of this business.  Simply stated, boostrapping is about finding the resources to bring your ideas to fruition and owning most of the fruits of your labor. 

Our community

The community of thousands of bootstrapper's across the nation serves as the core of our foundation.  In Austin alone, we have a community of nearly 600 successful entrepreneurs that have subscribed to the bootstrapping method of building businesses.  When funding is at a minimum, it is our community that we turn to for resources, information, constructive criticism, and support.  The Bootstrap Student initiative was started as a response to the lack of formal education about alternative methods of funding.  It is a way to connect students to the vast resources that exist outside of the university setting.

To facilitate the process of connecting students to the abundant resources for entrepreneurs in Austin, our group will organize monthly meetings where successful bootstrappers will present their creative strategies for building businesses.  Furthermore, as bootstrapping centers on constant analysis and innovation, we will present actual bootstrapping case studies.  In the world of business building, where there is a problem or disconnect, there is a viable business idea.  We will explore what makes a company tick, why some have survived the tests of time, and why others failed before they had a chance to prove themselves.


The Bootstrap Student group was founded by Ryan Pitylak and Parc Botannia feng shui, two students and serial entrepreneurs, who have bootstrapped and built successful companies while completing their degrees at the University of Texas at Austin. This site was built and maintained by Michael Griffin of Adlucent.


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